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Jivaasri’s refreshing blend of treatments places special emphasis on the use of natural ingredients. These old age therapies are rooted on aromatherapy and the secrets of time-tested health and beauty remedies passed down for generations.

Boasting of luxurious rooms with an Indian touch, our new wellness centre at Banjara hills is well equipped with 3 modern indoor treatment rooms and spacious relaxation areas. We offer exclusive merchandise such as premium essential oils, aromatic incense, massage oils and relaxing oils. Guests can re-create the contemporary Indian Ayurvedic relaxing experience in our themed therapy rooms.

Ayurvedic Treaments
Ayurvedic Treaments Sareera Abhyangam
(Full Body Rejuvenation Massage)
Ayurvedic Treaments Sirodhara
(Stress Management Therapy)
Ayurvedic Treaments Elakizhi
(Spine & Joint Care)

Some of the Services offered @ JivaaSri:

  • Anti-ageing therapy (Pizhichil)
  • Full Body fruit pack
  • Spine care treatment
  • Skin tightening for women
  • Beauty services: Skin rejuvenation, Hair care, Facial massages
  • Post Natal care (Sutika Raksha) - for women
  • Customized services for 40+ age group - for women.
  • Diabetes treatment
  • Nasyam
  • Thakradhara
  • Fruit Massage
  • Kashaya Vasti

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