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Chronic or acute, mild or severe, illnesses can be cured and treated entirely through the use of natural ingredients.

This is the deepest foundation of Ayurvedic credo. And it’s what we at JivaaSri have devoted ourselves to spreading.

Ayurvedic Spa in Banjarahills

Ayurvedic Essentials

Our line of Ayurvedic healthcare and wellness products extends from hair oils and creams to a variety of beauty-related offerings. We are committed to using 100% natural and homegrown ingredients.

As well as a range of product offerings, we at JivaaSri stock and operate our own pharmacy.

This helps your consultation lead seamlessly to the next step, all from the comfort of our location and with the continual support and expertise of our medical staff.

Shanthika Thailam

Helps in the growth of healthy hair; treats sleep disorder

Soothika Thailam

Assists in weight loss

Ksherabala Thailam

Traditional massage oil that repeves lower back pain, migraines and sciatica

Vathari Thailam

Regulates body temperature and sluggishness; soothes muscles and nerves

Karpooradi Thailam

Helps deal with cramps, pain, numbness and swelpng

Payar Podi

Removes dead skin cells and brightens skin texture; rich in vitamins A and C


Remedies skin problems and soothes skin in heat; possesses an amazing fragrance

Red Sandal

Ideal in face packs or masks; removes suntan andfades pigmentation marks; clears acne

Rose Petal

A skin softner used as moisturiser and face pack

Kasthuri Haridra

Removes unwanted facial hair and promotes skin whitening


Aids in skin care and with pimples, as well as body coopng


Has multiple uses for skin, hair and restful sleep


Makes hair glossy, healthy and voluminous; treats dandruff and scalp infection

Mandara Leaf/Flower

Prevents premature greying of hair; makes roots and strands stronger


Nourishes and makes hair thicker and stronger; helps control dandruff

Bringa Raja

Treats hair loss and greying of hair; promotes hair re-growth

Tulasi (Queen of Herbs)

A wonder herb that is used in nearly all aspects of Ayurveda


Highly adept at treating dandruff and scalp-related conditions

Jivakesh Thailam

Promotes growth of long, thick, lustrous hair

Mehari Thailam

Useful in the treatment of diabetic persons

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These products are available at out pharmacy at NBT Nagar, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.


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